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Smart Contracts

Smart contracts help you exchange anything of value in a transparent way while avoiding the services of a middleman. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer, pay them, and wait while you get the document. With smart contracts, you simply send contract to the blockchain, and your escrow or whatever drops into your account. Helios will get his own protocol H-RC25 to interact and create assets


The Swap is the mechanism employed to move IOS from the Ethereum blockchain to our own chain (HELIOS) at a pre-determined rate and date. As the token on the ethereum blockchain may be incompatible with the new one, it becomes necessary to initiate a swap to carry users from the old blockchain to the new one. Supported wallet and exchanges will be announced in time.

Unlock program

In order to gain maximum value for all IOS coins created, a dividend of 10% per month will be distributed each months for all IOS holder until december 2019. After discussing with the entire team, few exchanges and all official erc20 wallet like MEW will support the Monthly $IOS Token Unlock Program. Earn coin while holding, thats easy and free.

Helios Chain

IOS will be implemented in the HELIOS Blockchain environnment actually in devlopment, cross platform transactions, off-chain node and masternode will be available before Q4 2019.

Helios DEX

Our decentralized crypto-assets exchange, helios dex, will be launched during summer 2019, a large panel of cryptocurrencies will be available for trading, we're already accepting listing position in advance of the official public launch. Our exchange will support lightning transactions


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Clean and secure code

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The first problem today that Helios will solve is the lack of scalibitity of all blockchain transactions. At a maximum, Bitcoin can handle about three to seven transactions per second. But if crypto was to go mainstream, it would need to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second to ensure the economy could keep moving without massive delays for consumers and businesses.Sadly, Ethereum has a similar problem — as its co-founder Vitalik Buterin himself admitted. The network has a maximum capacity of 15 transactions per second, and he warned that if the status quo remains, the industry’s infrastructure will be unable to cope
and mainstream adoption will be hard.


An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on Helios blockchain. The Helios platform is designed from the ground up to be futureproof with secure, high speed, and 0 fee transactions to enable truly decentralized and democratic applications.  Also, Helios scaling solutions would ensure that certain transactions are completed without validations, allowing only essential information to be synchronized. Improvements and upgrades could also be agreed upon and implemented without the arduous process of getting approval from every stakeholder in the community, and new features could be distributed without the whole blockchain being disrupted.

Security & immutability

The Helios mechanism, which is based on PoS is able to provide security an immutability to the same degree as PoW.

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High speed & scalable

Helios will be able to get a transaction throughput of 525 tx/sec. Compared to Bitcoin with maximum 10 tx/sec or Ethereum with 15 tx/sec.

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dApp & smart contracts

The Helios platform will be capable of executing smart contracts and dApps programmed in Solidity just like the Ethereum platform.

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Decentralized & democratic

Helios will achieves a high level of decentralization by allowing any individual to participate and vote in the consensus process.

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Power to the people

Our decentralized ecosystem will be secured only by all that want to get a node or masternode. Each will be rewarded.

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Low transaction fees

The Helios consensus mechanism, allows nodes to run on inexpensive, energy efficient hardware. This dramatically reduces the upfront.

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